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Are you sure you let your pets climb into bed and the down could harm their joints and knees? Especially for older pets or pets that have mobility issues. Training your pets to use stairs can be a good solution. These pet steps make it easier for pets to reach the vehicle and furniture. What makes this pet ladder better is that it has soft cushions at each step for added comfort. This pet ramp is here to make life easier for your pets.
Perfect for pets and pets that have mobility issues
The use of high quality P2 medium density fiberboard for pets and owner
5.25″ tall and 6.75″ wide, your pets can climb up easily.
The 4-step pet stairs in dark coffee color match your existing furniture perfectly
The cushion is made of a short pile at each step for added comfort.
The cushion is firmly connected to the stairs with a hook-and-loop fastener


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