plush cat tree


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Stimulate your cat’s instincts in a playful and safe way with a cat condo. It’s a versatile activity center and scratcher with a sisal-wrapped scratcher, cozy condo hideout, climbing ladder, perches and hanging toys for added fun. With their many entertaining features, they promote exercise and play that help keep a cat healthy. They provide a comfortable haven for safety and rest, especially for shy cats who may need reassurance of their safety. When a cat has a personal space of its own, it adds value and benefits to any indoor environment.
Includes four hanging mouse toys, ensure you have maximum interest in your cat
Soft and comfortable plush fabric makes it the perfect easy-to-clean cover
Solid particleboard construction designed to withstand long-term use
Lightweight and portable so it can be moved from place to place
Easy to assemble with instructions and hardware included


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