Gilmore dog house


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protection from wind and rain. Benefits include an attractive waterproof finish inside and out, as well as a rip and groove resistant exterior. The hinged flat roof is covered with composite shingles and can be opened using lockable arms for additional ventilation and easy cleaning. Plastic tipped adjustable feet allow you to level the house on uneven ground and also provide additional circulation underneath. This will help keep the floor cool in the summer and warm/dry in the winter. Not found in many other doghouses, it includes a removable floor for easy cleaning. This shelter is suitable for dogs such as German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers.
Ideal for outdoor use all year round
Lined with closed cell foam insulation
Includes plastic door flap for additional wind and weather protection
Hinged roof with two lockable arms
Adjustable feet with hard plastic feet
Removable floor for easy cleaning
Tongue and groove design for a better seal against the elements


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