dog grooming tub


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Its built-in shampoo holder, sturdy leash and multi-pressure shower head make washing your furry friend easy and enjoyable. The raised tub and gentle angle keep your pet comfortable, and the S-trap prevents hair and odors from entering the plumbing. With durable stainless steel construction, this dog bath station is built to last.
Waterproof design allows for easy maintenance, ensuring the station remains in pristine condition
The non-slip bottom holds the tub securely, preventing slips and falls while you bathe your furry friend
Raised height reduces back strain during use, making the tub comfortable for you and your dogs
Three-sided splash guard helps contain water and prevent spills, keeping your floor clean and dry
Hot/cold water faucet and shampoo holder provide a complete bathing experience
Detailed instructions are included to make assembly easy, ensuring you have a smooth installation


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