Adjustable Cat Perch


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High quality and sturdiness. The pole diameter is 3.5″ and each is connected by 2.75″ stainless steel screws. A total of three brackets will be applied to fix all the posts to the wall. Two 0.7″ thick solid wood rest tables that can support up to 15 lbs.
Easy to Install and Fully Expandable: This wall design can be adapted to any different angel wall. In addition to the window, behind the door, or even in the corner, provided you use the right screws. The total height of a set is 41 in. If you connect two sets together, it will reach a “floor to ceiling” size with 6 levels.
The right proportion for a size M cat (under 12 lbs). The model cat in the photo gallery is a 10 pound adult.
Brackets designed with an adjustable distance of 1.57″ from the wall allow for a more comfortable installation. Thanks to the adjustable distance, the tiered cat shelves can be easily applied to any space of the wall. Top screw with a large cap that allows us to easily remove


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